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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an Elite Intern!
Our high school intern program is an opportunity for high school students to learn what happens behind the scenes at Elite Photography. Students who are accepted will have the chance to work in one or more of the following categories:
  1. Shoot Team - assist on shoots in studio and on location. 
  2. Marketing Team - assist with our social media and marketing team tasks. 
  3. Production Team - assist with order fulfillment; including editing, ordering and receiving the final products. 
  4. Customer Relations - greeting clients, making them feel at home, helping them to and from their vehicle with outfits and more.
Internships at this level are voluntary and unpaid. In prior years some of our interns have been offered paid positions after spending some time in their volunteer role; however, this is not a guarantee. Interns are to maintain the same standards as employees when it comes to conduct, dress code, timeliness and propriety.
  1. Must be a high school student age 16+
  2. Must have transportation to and from work. Shoot assistants may be required to have their own transportation while assisting on sessions. Ask for details.
  3. Must be able to commit to a regular schedule of at least 4 hours per week.
  4. We expect your social media to be ‘above reproach’. This is most easily defined as having no illegal activity or questionable behavior displayed on your social media.
  5. We expect professional behavior in speech, dress, and conduct.
Not everyone will be accepted into the internship program. We are looking for students who are positive, who take initiative, and who want to learn about the photography industry. Interns will be treated like employees when it comes to reviews, promotions, and although unpaid, can be let go. We expect the quality of our interns to reflect on the quality of Elite Photography.

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